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RE: this is funny, I got boored.

Jun. 27th, 2006 | 01:04 pm

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Date: Jun 26, 2006 7:35 PM

Some girl messages me saying "I GOT A HAIR CUT :], OOPS WRONG IM"

so today I'm with my friend online..I was eating fatfree gummie worms.. and I tell her
"MAYHEMxmassacre (10:11:01 PM): I feel like saying to allyson "eww I saw allyson at warp"
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:11:03 PM): then be like
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:11:08 PM): "wrong IM""

and she says
"Friend" (10:11:27 PM): ROFL
"Friend" (10:11:34 PM): do that : D
"Friend" (10:11:39 PM): that would be so awsome


2secs later this happens:

MAYHEMxmassacre (10:12:56 PM): eeww I saw Allyson at warp on saturday
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:13:01 PM): OOps
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:13:04 PM): wrong IM
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:13:10 PM): that was planned
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:14:35 PM): 4sho
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:14:39 PM): kthanxbaii
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:15:24 PM): that was pointless and a waste of your time; thanks. i needed amusement
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:15:57 PM): Yep me and my friends did too
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:17:26 PM): thnx, youre in my heros section
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:18:14 PM): sweetness
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:18:34 PM): Thanks for taking the time and putting me there
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:18:44 PM): Ha you really DO need amusement
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:19:12 PM): copy and paste isnt hard to use
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:19:55 PM): well maybe not for me
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:20:14 PM): sorry darling
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:20:40 PM): what for?
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:21:09 PM): eh i dont wanna get into it
"Allyson Fernandez" (10:21:17 PM): im done with the old me
MAYHEMxmassacre (10:21:24 PM): mkay.


she ACTUALLY puts it in her hero's

i hope I get hatemail.

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I don't see why you have a problem with her. Didn't she use to be her friend? I hope she goes to Ferguson so I can talk to her, she seems to be so much more mature with you and can handle a situation swell.

You on the other hand need to be more respectful of other people's feelings. If you honestly feel the need to do that then do it in person, otherwise the offenses are really petty.

I don't mean to put you down all the time, but you really did change into a meaner person. You're obnoxious, and you make me want to throw up, because you added some form of balance to the family.

Changing won't get you anymore friends. I hope in highschool you realize that friends aren't everything, and how cool they are does not better what comes into the relationship, but how much more it hurts them.

You need to stop picking your friends for how cool they might be or by how popular they are. My friends aren't the coolest, or the smartest, or the hottest, or the most loved, but I know that I love them for who they are and for what we do for each other. I love them because they make me smile and they help me get through with life. I love them because we go through everything together. They are my favorite nerds all alike, my lovely band friends, my stoner friends, and my regular school friends all put back into my life.

I see you talking to your friends and it feels so superficial, I see you laughing and I don't see you anymore. I know it is just a phase, and I want to let you know its a phase because it happened to me too. It happens to all, and the best of us.

As I'm writing this you're most likely putting on tights and over indulging yourself with eye makeup, so I don't even want to bother going over there and telling you what I've told you so many times before...

Myspace isn't everything. Myspace shouldn't be something in which your world revolves around. It shouldn't define what clothe you wear or what friends you have or who you should ditch. Just because you're not on someones top 8 does not mean they don't care about you. Just because you argue with someone on myspace doesn't mean you have to completely despise them in person.

Myspace is a social network in where people communicate. I know this whole Myspace ordeal is your life and I know you can't live without it, but damn, sometimes I wish it could just self destruct.

Do you see why I hate Myspace? Because of people like you and them, because of the way it changes lives and makes itself revolve around the world.

Nancy, take it from me, be a trend setter, not a trend follower. Say your opinions as they are, and they say them honestly. Tell your superficial friends to go away if you feel they aren't being "real" with you. Make the people you love smile and those who you don't just live life knowing that you're better than even bothering that person.

You know I have enemies more than a lot of people. I don't need to go out of my way to show them that I'm better than them. I do it every day by completely ignoring their existance. I even help them sometimes when they need help. Just live your life away from them and embrace your REAL friends as if they are the last thing you can hope for.

Don't expect your friends to be with you forever.

I love you Nancy, just learn to be true to yourself sometimes.

- Francisca Caridad Montesdeoca

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[L O C K E D]

Aug. 14th, 2005 | 10:06 pm

This journal right now is currently friends only. However, you may leave a comment and I'll gladly add you.

I hope you understand.

Francisca Caridad.

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