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As time goes by...

each word written becomes forgotten

Francisca Caridad
18 November
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I'm just a regular person, difference is
I try to live lacking absence to knowing
that I live my life in a world full of
l i m i t s.

I use to be :


a clockwork orange, acoustic guitars, acquaintances, aladdin, american dreams, ancient civilizations, ani difranco, animals, architecture, art, band, band geek jokes, band geek love, big bad voodoo daddy, boheme, books, broadway, butterfly effect, cabaret, candles, cello, chicago, chinese food, cigarettes, clean air, clouds, coffee, coffee shops, colors, comfortable clothes, computers, concert band, conversations, creative writing, culture, daydreaming, decadence, documentaries, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dreams, earth, elliott smith, enlightenment, euphoria, evolving, expression, family, fantasy, fiction, fight club, fine art, fog, food, forgetting, free verse, gary jules, german, good conversation, grammar, green tea, hair dye, hemp, hiding, honesty, hot tea, hugs, ideas, incense, individuality, inner violence, inspiration, instrumental music, intelligence, internet, intuition, isolation, karma, kmfdm, knowledge, laughter, lazy days, learning, lion king, love, ludwig van beethoven, marching band, marijuana, memories, movies, msi, music, musicals, nature, nervous habits, night, nymphs, optical illusions, orchestra, out of body experiences, photography, plants, premonitions, pulp fiction, rain, rasputina, ray charles, reading, requiem for a dream, rights, rocky road ice cream, sarcasm, showers, silence, sitting in circles, sleep, sleeping, smoking, snail mail, social phobia, soundtracks, sousaphone, spacing off, starbucks, stray cats, stream of consciousness, sublimity, swing, teaching, tears, the absence of time, the cure, the future, the mind, the past, the present, the sky, thinking, thoughts, thursday, time, train, tuba, typewriters, vnv nation, works in progress, writers, writing,